Our Story

  Thai Cutting Tool Manufacturers Association(TCTM) It was established by a gathering of people involved in metal cutting equipment. which was initially established as a Thai cutting tool manufacturer club and later in 2015 was established as “Thai Cutting Tool Manufacturers Association” by members of the association will be a manufacturer which can be divided into 2 parts: 1. Ordinary members is a direct manufacturer 2. Extraordinary members is the relevant manufacturer and currently has more than 20 members.

          The role and duty of the Thai Cutting Tool Association(TCTM) is to raise and increase the efficiency of personnel involved in cutting tools in the Thai manufacturing industry. to be able to support the growing industry in the country


Human develop

To develop and promote the potential of members


foster unity and good understanding among members

Cutting tools

Promote and develop human resources in the cutting tool manufacturing process.


To be the center and representative of members to exchange ideas and technical knowledge and advanced technology related


Develop the design and manufacture of cutting tools of members to be on par with international level.


Promote and support activities related to cutting tool manufacturers


Provide new knowledge and technology related to cutting tool manufacturing to present members.


Work with charities for the public benefit